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The new high-speed memory kits from Cell Shock and Patriot we have just discussed made a very good impression on us. It is evident that these companies launched their DDR3-1800 and DDR3-1866 solutions later than the competitors for a reason. Patriot and Cell Shock engineers put extra time they had to good use: they designed efficient PCB layout and ensured more thorough chips selection. And in the end the second-generation products on Micron D9GTR chips turned out at least as good as the pioneers.

Patriot PDC32G1866LLK modules proved capable of impressive frequency overclocking. Of all DDR3 kits we have tested so far, they managed to conquer the maximum frequencies getting remarkably close to 2GHz.

DDR3-1800 memory kit from Cell Shock pleased us with its universality. Being able to overclock to pretty high frequencies as well, it can run at 1800MHz with very aggressive timings. I have to say that Cell Shock modules cost a little less than the similar competitor solutions, which makes them extremely attractive for overclockers who are looking to equip their system with DDR3 memory.

However, even DDR3-1800 from Cell Shock can no longer be called “reasonably priced”. Although memory kits supporting 1800MHz+ can really speed up your system in real applications, it is still much more expensive than overclocker DDR2 SDRAM with the same capacity. So, DDR3 will have hard times becoming popular even among overclocking fans.

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