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GeIL PC4000/PC4200 Ultra Platinum

Two kits of half-a-gigabyte modules from GeIL are included into this review. The first kit is DDR500, the second is DDR533.

2x512Mb kit GeIL PC4000 Ultra Platinum
2x512Mb kit GeIL PC4200 Ultra Platinum

You open the transparent acryl package by sliding the upper part sideways. The modules are in antistatic bags. You can learn the contents of the package by reading the sticker that informs you about the capacity and type of the modules. You also receive a unique bonus: a syringe of golden 5%-copper thermal compound from GeIL.

The cooling of the modules seems to be like any other, but that’s not quite so: the heat-spreaders are made of copper and nickel-coated so one module of the Platinum series weighs much heavier than an ordinary memory stick. The surface of the spreaders is well polished, but gets easily smudged with your fingerprints. In the center of the heat-spreader, there is the GeIL “automobile” logo (covered with a film that you should remove before using the memory). On the other side, there is a “technological sticker” with a barcode. All module characteristics are listed on the holographic sticker with the dragon. By the way, the DDR500 kit has standard timings of 2.5-7-4-4 rather than the ordinary 3-8-4-4 combination.

As you know, GeIL itself manufactures chips for its modules. Both kits use 3.5ns chips and best samples are selected for DDR533 modules.

This fact explains the high frequencies GeIL PC4200 memory notches at overclocking: 277MHz (DDR544) with 2.85V Vdimm, and 289MHz (DDR578) with 3.3V Vdimm. The results are several megahertz lower for the PC4000 kit: 268MHz and 280MHz, respectively.

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