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For a more illustrative comparison, we represented the test results as a single diagram:

The Corsair memory was good, although not record-breaking in our tests. 268MHz at the relatively low voltage is quite high. We also enjoyed the ideal overclocking stability of two different module kits.

The GeIL modules combine the best attributes of overclocker memory: with high overclockability, excellent manufacturing quality and reasonable pricing.

The low result of the Kingston HyperX is probably caused by an unsuccessful pair of modules. You can get around this by purchasing two-module kits that are promised to have been tested together by the manufacturer.

Hynix PC43000. Another and more probable cause for the relative failure of the HyperX was revealed in our tests of the value sticks from Hynix itself. Our experience suggests that Hynix D5 chips have a small overclocking potential. As for the PC4300 modules from Hynix, they are an acceptable choice for economical overclockers. Enthusiasts will probably go for more “advanced” memory, though.

SimpleTech Nitro has too high a price, in the best traditions of Corsair. However, the quality is our guiding factor so we choose the SimpleTech Nitro as the best DDR500 memory: all three constituents of the resulting mark are at the highest level.

Transcends’s DDR500 modules can be recommended to people who are not into experiments with voltages as they behave quite unpredictably at high voltages. Anyway, their overclockability is satisfactory for a majority of users.


DDR500 still belongs exclusively to the hi-end sector of the market and the players are all big sharks here. There are no noname DDR500 modules yet, and the only affordable value product comes from an industry giant. At the same time, the modules we have just presented in this review differ greatly among themselves in performance from just-meeting-the-standard-requirements to really exceptional products.

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