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Closer Look

The transparent acrylic packaging allows you to have a look at two memory sticks, 256MB each. The soft padding protects them against physical damage; each module is additionally packed into an antistatic bag.

The modules look gorgeous: the metallic (probably, platinum) sputter-coating on the copper heat-spreaders reflects the world around like a mirror.

The label on the face side to the left changes the background around the numbers depending on the temperature; there are four colors corresponding to different temperatures:


A holographic label with the memory basic characteristics is on the right:

Dropping in on the manufacturer’s website I also learned that these modules use six-layer wafers to minimize interference and noise, while the timings are optimized for the dual-channel mode of Intel’s 875/865 chipsets; the operational voltage range of the modules is 2.6-3.1 volts.

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