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The tests are not over yet! We’ve also got a couple of even faster modules from GeIL: Ultra Platinum PC4400 550MHz Dual Channel DDR Kit (GL5124400DC).

The packaging is the same, and the sticks still look very impressive.

The technical characteristics of this kit resemble those of the GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4200, too – the same chips with an access time of 3.5 nanoseconds. The Ultra Platinum PC4400 memory is guaranteed to work as DDR550, however.

Checking out the SPD info:

Again the SPD claims different parameter values than the official specification, but our mainboard couldn’t set the timings above the recommended values of 3.0-4-4-8. Let’s not bother about that, but test the modules in practice:

The GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4400 quite expectedly behaves much similar to the Ultra Platinum PC4200. Well, these memory module kits are made on the same chips, with the same technology, by the same manufacturer – they just have to have similar speeds! The only difference is that the PC4400 is guaranteed to work at 277MHz, while the PC4200 is likely to work at this frequency.


GeIL’s memory kits from the Ultra Platinum series left highly positive impression. These memory modules will be a gift for overclockers due to their ability to work synchronously with the FSB at frequencies up to 280-285MHz. When choosing between these two particular kits, which are actually very similar, you may want to pay special attention to their price as the guiding factor. Just check out the prices at you favorite store!

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