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Even after the release of high-frequency DDR2 modules (up to DDR2-1066) overclockers are still interested in ordinary DDR SDRAM, especially when it comes to the AMD64 platform. Recently the Taiwan-based G.Skill introduced a new DDR600 (PC4800) model with most impressive characteristics in their FR series and a midrange DDR566 (PC4400) model with heat-spreaders in the FC series.

The products to be reviewed today are targeted at extreme overclockers. The senior model is based on Samsung’s TCCD chips and is thus expected to be very good at overclocking. As for the PC4400 kit, it seems to be a lucky combination of good characteristics and modest price.

About the Company

G.Skill is not perhaps a well-known name among the common public, but is a respectable brand in the overclocking community. G.Skill International Enterprise Co., Ltd. with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, was founded in 1989 by a group of enthusiasts. The company focuses on manufacturing PC memory as well as flash cards of Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card and xD Picture Card formats and USB 2.0 flash drives with capacities up to 1GB. As a maker of top-end overclocker-targeted memory G.Skill debuted only in 2003. So, the company has not been long on the markets of Europe and America, but has already won universal recognition.

The company’s overclocker-friendly DDR Extreme series currently includes over 15 products ranging from DDR400 to DDR600 with varying timings. It is in this series that G.Skill offers memory modules with exceptional characteristics and fine overclockability. All memory modules from G.SKILL come with a lifetime warranty and pass through factory tests to guarantee their best quality, performance and compatibility.

Besides the top-end DDR Extreme series, G.Skill offers:

  • A more affordable DDR ZX series
  • A DDRII series (modules complying with DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 standards at 4-4-4-12 timings)
  • A low-end DDR memory series (PC2100/2700/3200/4000)
  • PC2100/2700/3200 SO-DIMMs

Top-end DDR modules are the flagship product from G.SKILL, though. So, let’s get to know them closer.

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