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Closer Look

Let’s start with the senior model. It is hard to think of a simpler design for a memory module – this product looks just like ordinary DIMMs of low-end DDR SDRAM. This heat-spreader-less design is typical for a majority of sticks from G.Skill and is quite acceptable both for economical reasons and from the end-user’s viewpoint. An overclocker who’s going to use these modules under extreme conditions with an increased voltage will anyway have to take special measures to cool this memory and will most likely prefer third-party solutions. And for the ordinary, non-extreme use additional heat-spreaders aren’t actually necessary.

Without them, the memory chips are in full view. Unlike with the DDR ZX series where there was G.Skill’s own marking, the F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR modules betray the origin of their chips at once. Yes, these are Samsung’s TCCD chips, so valued by overclockers for their excellent overclockability and configuration flexibility. There are eight chips on each side of the PCB, giving you a total of 512 megabytes. Judging by the modules’ behavior, G.Skill additionally culls the best chips since even Samsung’s TCCD don’t generally support such operational modes as G.Skill declares.

A PCB of the BrainPower B6U808 type is employed for all DDR products from G.Skill. Statistical data suggest that modules based on such PCBs generally have a higher potential than those based on JEDEC’s reference PCBs. So, this is yet another plus for G.Skill.

The sticker on the face side of the product tells you all the necessary information about its characteristics: F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR 512 MB DDR PC4800 CL 2.5 448 2T 2.7-2.9V

We want to note one change in G.Skill’s way of marking their modules. Earlier models with PC4400 and PC4800 ratings used to have a double marking: besides their “native” operational mode, they were marked as DDR400 2-5-2-2 (TCCD chips have no problems working like that). The FR and FC series do not use this double naming anymore, keeping only their main marking.

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