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The second kit from G.Skill is remarkable for its exterior in the first place. The modules are equipped with heat-spreaders as you can see below.

These are unaltered heat-spreaders of the typical design, the same as Kingston, Transcend, Crucial and many other manufacturers use: two anodized aluminum bars connected with two chromium-plated metal clamps.

G.Skill’s logotype and web address can be seen at the center of the heat-spreader. The whole looks like they have given little thought to the design…

Unlike original heat-spreaders from Corsair and GeIL, these can be removed quite simply. To avoid people doing that, G.Skill put a sticker on one of the heat-spreader’s clamps. If the sticker is damaged, the warranty becomes void (there’s a special warning about that on the package). Well, if you do everything carefully, you can release the clamp without tearing the sticker up.

By the way, the above-mentioned sticker contains such information about the module as its name, type, capacity and timings: F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC 512 MB DDR PC4400 CL 2.5 448 2T 2.7-2.9V

We still removed the heat-spreader to see what chips were there, but you should not do that unless you want to lose your warranty!

We’ve got TCC5 chips here, i.e. Samsung’s less expensive circuitry than the top-end TCCD. Like the first kit, the module uses a PCB of the BrainPower B6U808 type.

Now that we’ve looked both kits over, we can proceed to our tests.

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