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Our tests have proved that the fine reputation G.Skill enjoys in the overclocking community is well-earned.

The G.Skill F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR kit impressed us with its ability to keep stable at DDR650 frequency without our taking any special stability-improving measures and also with its ability to work close to DDR600 with 2.5-8-3-3-1T timings without mainboard modification. And of course, this kit offers all the advantages of TCCD-based modules, including their ability to substitute BH-5 chips at the lowest timings.


  • DDR650 at 3.0V voltage
  • DDR600 at CR=1T and 3.3V voltage
  • Outstanding overclockability
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Samsung’s TCCD chips
  • Reasonable price


  • Rather a rare product

G.SKILL modules are less widespread in the market than modules from the leading companies like Corsair or Kingston, but you shouldn’t think twice if you spot them in a shop. Just grab them!

The junior model, G.SKILL F1-4400DSU2-1GBFС, doesn’t have the magic properties of the above-mentioned product. But it costs much less.


  • A relatively inexpensive DDR566 memory kit
  • Heat-spreader


  • Rather rare product

This kit works well and deserves attention from people who are looking for high-quality memory for a midrange computer.

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