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We’ve already given our general recommendations on choosing system memory for the LGA1155 platform. The rational approach is in looking for the most optimal product in terms of the frequency/price ratio. This is especially important for Ivy Bridge CPUs that allow setting high DDR3 SDRAM clock rates which were not possible even with overclocker-targeted systems of the previous generation. As a result, the range of DDR3 SDRAM offered for LGA1155 systems has been extended, increasing the gap between configurations with slow and fast memory.

Particularly, Kingston, whose overclocker-friendly dual-channel 8GB memory kits we’ve discussed today, offers DDR3 SDRAM kits ranging in rated clock rate from 1600 to 2400 MHz. Taking the pricing into account, we guess that the most interesting offers from Kingston are those rated for up to 2133 MHz. The higher-speed memory kits are considerably more expensive. The HyperX T1 KHX21C11T1K2/8X and the HyperX Genesis KHX1866C9D3K2/8GX seem to be the most interesting to us. The former is rated for DDR3-2133 mode but has poor timings and rather unhandy tall heatsinks whereas the latter lacks both these downsides but has a rated clock rate of only 1866 MHz.

Well, if you buy an overclocker-friendly memory kit, you may want to use it at nonstandard settings. Kingston’s products support that. Most of the DDR3 SDRAM modules covered in this review can be easily overclocked by 266 or even 533 MHz. That’s why we’d recommend the DDR3-1866 SDRAM HyperX T1 KHX1866C9D3T1K2/8GX kit for its substantial overclocking potential. Based on the same memory chips as the fastest product from Kingston, it can be accelerated up to DDR3-2400 mode. If it were not for the clumsy T1 heatsinks, the HyperX T1 KHX1866C9D3T1K2/8GX would be one of the best dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM kits available on the market.

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