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Closer Look at Kingston HyperX KHX7200D2K2/1G

Kingston Company was very kind to give us the opportunity to test one of their fastest DDR2 SDRAM memory kits targeted for overclocking fans. The kit is intended for systems with a dual-channel memory controller and includes two identical DIMMs, each 512MB big. Kingston HyperX KHX7200D2K2/1G kit is shipped in a small plastic package, which also contains a brief installation manual.

As you can see from the name of the kit this memory belongs to the HyperX series, which has been developed specifically for overclocker’s systems. The evident peculiarities of the HyperX series modules are the aluminum heat-spreaders covering the memory modules from both sides. These heat-spreaders are designed in a traditional way: most overclocker memory makers use the same heat-spreaders for their products, too. However, the heat-spreaders on Kingston’s memory modules are of blue color (they use special anodization technique for bringing the color on) and are decorated with the company logo, DDR2 logo and HyperX name. This adds to the unique exterior looks of these memory modules.

The heat-spreaders are securely fastened on top of the memory chips due to sticky conductive tape and are also locked with steel brackets. Each memory modules has a special sticker that marks that these modules belong to KHX7200D2K2/1G series and carries some technical details, which will hardly be of much help to the majority of users.

Although the marking of each memory module suggests that they have something to do with 1GB capacity, you shouldn’t be misled, as in reality it is referred to the entire kit, not to an individual module. In other words, the memory modules you see on the photographs are of 512MB capacity each.

The sticker on the plastic package of the Kingston HyperX KHX7200D2K2/1G memory kit is more informative. It contains the product part number and its major specifications, such as: capacity, number of modules in the package, speed and memory type.

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