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Samsung is traditionally optimistic about the whole situation, promising a disastrous deficit in the next quarter and more horrible things by the end of the year. But this is just the opinion of some of the company’s employees, while the company’s official position is that there’s going to be nothing good on the market until the year is over.

There was some animation on the market of memory modules in May. That was quite natural as the prominent players were preparing for Computex. OCZ was in the head, beginning May with the release of reduced-latency PC2-6400 modules in the Platinum EB (Enhanced Bandwidth) DDR800 series, with 4-3-3-8 timings and manually tested for stability. Next, they promised to introduce 1GHz DDR2 PC2-8000 modules and even officially announced this product at the end of the month: PC2-8000 Platinum EL Dual Channel with the voltage lifted up to 2.1V. Well, the voltage is the same as with PC2-6400, but PC2-6400 has normal timings against OCZ’s new memory’s 5-5-5-15! This race of speed gives birth to almost absurd products sometimes…

A company that wouldn’t lag behind OCZ was PQI, which had become a leader among the makers of such modules. At the beginning of May, the company was rumored to be preparing 900MHz PC2-7200 modules, but PQI refuted this info in some ten days by promising to introduce 1GHz PQI28000. Unfortunately, the latencies are exactly the same as with the analog product from OCZ. On the other hand, the voltage of the modules is just 1.9V! These modules could also reach 1066MHz frequency in the single-channel mode, so we’re up to new records in the field.

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