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August appeared this year’s quietest and sleepiest month from all viewpoints. The same is true for the memory market. There are not so many pieces of news worth mentioning, mostly we see the already existing tendencies strengthen their positions. For example, this is true for full-size server memory modules, which have been manufactured only in FB-DIMM standard by both: Elpida and Micron.

The remarkable thing is that both these companies released their 4GB memory module samples based on 1Gbit DDR2-533 chips, which turn into the most optimal solutions today, especially taking into account new more memory-hungry chipsets. At least this is true for the memory makers.

By the way, we are talking about engineering samples for their major customers here. As for the large-scale shipments of these memory solutions, Elpida and Micron will start shipping those in the end of this year at the earliest. At that time the FB-DIMM specification should finally be completely finalized.

However, as usual, there is a relatively different approach to memory modules design and development. These memory modules may be of not such big capacity and not so advanced, but quite tiny and exactly suitable for today’s very popular blade-server solutions. This exciting direction didn’t remain unnoticed in August, too. While SMART Modular and A-Data “only” launched their SO-DIMM modules on DDR2-667 chips, Micron introduced their solutions based on DDR2 chips with up to 800MHz frequency in the second half of the month.

These were the modules designed in MiniDIMM VLP (Very Low Profile) format, which were only 18.3mm high. However, Micron promised to start mass production of these solutions in the end of the year, just like A-Data Company.

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