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For my experiments, I took untested-yet ShikaXRAM memory modules from Shikatronics Inc. This firm has recently entered the market of overclocker memory, but already ships advanced DDR550 units (PC4400) with timings of 3-4-4-8. The rated voltage of these modules varies from 2.6 to 2.8v.

I set up 2.6v Vmem in the BIOS Setup and began to experiment. You can see the results below:

The results are curious enough. First, we see that this memory, like many other modules designed for high frequencies, is sensitive to the voltage. Its overclockability grows by more than 5MHz with every extra 0.1v. After 3.0v Vmem, however, the maximum stable frequency grows but slightly, and doesn’t even change at 3.2v. I think it is due to overheat of the memory – in order to maintain the overclockability growth, you need something more than a simple 80mm fan.

Anyway, you see that the DDR Booster can really give you extra megahertz, as the BIOS Setup of the mainboard I used could only increase the memory voltage to 2.85v.

By the way, here’s a couple of screenshots to prove that I really hit a FSB frequency of 295MHz in the synchronous mode:


The OCZ DDR Booster proved to be a simple and reliable device in my tests and yet efficient and rather tricky. It really gives you the opportunity to increase the memory voltage in a wide range without any hardware modification of the mainboard. With the OCZ DDR Booster, ordinary users – not only experienced overclockers – can enjoy extreme overclocking. Although the device is not altogether blameless (its price is rather steep and it is incompatible with several popular mainboard models), it is an excellent accessory every overclocker might enjoy using.

Finally, one warning. Although the OCZ DDR Booster can be a powerful tool in the hands of an overclocker, it is potentially dangerous if wielded carelessly. Devices like this Booster must be used with all precautions necessary lest you should damage your memory, mainboard or even processor.

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