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While Intel keeps pushing into the market DDR2 SDRAM memory, hardware enthusiasts do not hurry to pay truly serious attention to it. It is no secret that a lot of overclockers prefer AMD based platforms, so this user group remained dedicated to DDR SDRAM.

This situation is most likely to change by the middle of the next year in the earliest case, when Athlon 64 processors based on core revision F appear. These CPUs will be designed for the new processor socket aka Socket M2 and will support DDR2-667 SDRAM. In the meanwhile the memory manufacturers designing products for hardware enthusiasts are still putting most of their effort into further development of the DDR SDRAM product lines.

It may seem that further growth of DDR SDRAM working frequencies should have already faced some technological limitations by now, because this was the reason that pushed forward the DDR2 SDRAM introduction. However, the practice shows that DDR SDRAM still has potential. DDR memory chip makers manage to roll out new microchips featuring broad frequency potential.

I believe you still remember Winbond BH5 chips, which used to be the basis for a lot of overclocker’s memory modules. These chips were discontinued long time ago, but luckily there are Samsung TCCD chips with much better potential that came to replace them. The majority of high-frequency memory modules for overclockers available in the today’s market are based on these particular chips. It is exactly thanks to these chips that PC4400 SDRAM (DDR550) models are no longer a unique thing.

However, 550MHz is far not the maximum frequency Samsung TCCD can go to. One of the leading enthusiast memory makers, OCZ Technologies, decided to prove this point in practice. This company announced and started shipping in mass quantities DDR SDRAM memory modules working at the nominal frequency of 600MHz. Of course, we couldn’t disregard a product with such outstanding specifications.

So, today we would like to offer you a detailed review of one of the most interesting overclocker’s memory modules: PC4800 (DDR600) SDRAM.

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