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Memory modules are an important component of a modern computer system; their quality largely determined its performance and reliability. The manufacturers of course see to the quality and seek for better characteristics, especially with regard to high-frequency modules like PC3200 and faster.

As you know, PC3200 is the latest official memory standard accepted by JEDEC. Some firms come up with modules like PC3500, PC4000 and better, but these are mostly exotic products specifically served to overclockers. Today, there are several players of repute in the high-quality high-performing memory modules field: OCZ Technology, Corsair, GeIL and Kingston.

Closer Look at OCZ DDR PC-3200 Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth Dual Channel

Today we are going to put a kit of two PC3200 memory modules from OCZ Technologies into the mincing machine of our test laboratory. The full name of the product is rather long: OCZ DDR PC-3200 Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth Dual Channel. This kit consists of two unregistered non-ECC modules, 512MB each, coming in a pretty transparent package:

There are also higher- and lower-capacity versions of this product, with two 1GB and two 256MB modules, respectively. Besides that, you can purchase “EB” modules separately (in 256, 512 and 1024MB capacities). This also refers to the OCZ DDR PC-3500 Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth series, since it only differs from the other family in the operational frequency.

All products belonging to the Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth series work with 2.6V Vmem, which is the norm for a majority of modern PC3200 modules. Let's take a closer look at the contents of the package:

The modules are neatly manufactured and equipped with silver heat-spreaders. When you look at the module from the back end, you see a gray thermal pad between the memory chips and the heat-spreader. Each module carries a sticker with the company's logo, name, timings and part number. The timings and the EB abbreviation are the most exciting things here.

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