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Since this article is dedicated primarily to the release of Patriot Memory PDC1G5600ELK modules, we would like to say a few conclusive words about them first. The new product from PDP Systems seems very innovative at first glance, but this is only an outward appearance. The PDC1G5600ELK kit is built from ordinary memory modules based on Samsung TCCD chips and does not differ from other similar overclocker-friendly products. We tested the capabilities of these modules at overclocked frequencies and found that they couldn’t work even at 600MHz with the acceptable 3-4-4-10 timings of and Command Rate set at 1T. They perform somewhat better with the aggressive 2-2-2-10 timings, ensuring stable operation at frequencies up to 446MHz, but this is hardly a record-breaking achievement.

The manufacturer positions these modules as capable of working at 700MHz frequency. However, the modules are not stable at this frequency in practice, even despite such stability-ensuring (and performance-reducing) measures as poor timings and 2T Command Rate. That said, the Patriot Memory PDC1G5600ELK can be regarded as a rather average overclocker-targeted solution you should not expect any wonders from.

As for the DDR700 mode in general, this frequency is in fact nothing extraordinary for DDR1 SDRAM. As we discovered, this frequency is supported by the best DDR SDRAM modules for overclockers, based on Samsung TCCD chips. However, you must ease up the timings and set the Command Rate parameter at 2T to start your system up at 700MHz memory frequency. And as our tests have shown, it is perfectly senseless to use memory in this mode, since these stability-ensuring measures negate all the effect from the high operational frequency. 700MHz DDR SDRAM is just an empty marketing slogan as yet, rather than a real something. You should be aware of that.

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