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Closer Look at Patriot PDC1G5600ELK (PC5600)

The DDR700 SDRAM memory kit from Patriot Memory we are about to test looks like follows:

The fancifully shaped plastic package contains two DDR SDRAM modules, 512MB each. So, this dual-channel memory kit gives you one gigabyte of memory in total. The model number on the sticker of each module reads “PDC1G5600ELK”.

This is how the marking is spelled out:


Patriot Memory


Dual Channel


Total kit capacity – 1GB


PC5600 – DDR700 SDRAM


Eased Latency – non-aggressive timings



Besides the marking and the barcode, the sticker tells you the total capacity of the dual-channel kit and mentions the module’s ability to work as PC5600 DDR SDRAM with 3-5-5-9 timings. We’ll talk yet about the timings and other characteristics below. Right now let’s have a closer look at the heat-spreaders these modules are equipped with:

Patriot Memory used a new type of heat-spreaders in their new PC5600 modules – no other maker of overclocker-friendly SDRAM modules has such heat-spreaders. What’s so original about them? The heat-dissipation area is increased here by means of 13 ribs, about 0.7mm in height. The manufacturer claims that the original shape of the heat-spreaders makes them 5-7% colder, despite their being made of ordinary aluminum. This factor, of course, improves the overclockability of the modules, but can hardly be a decisive factor in their reaching the 700MHz mark.

The heat-spreaders are colored red, the typical color of all DDR1 SDRAM modules from Patriot Memory. Among decorations you can note the embossed and mirrored Patriot logotype on one side of a module and the abbreviation DDR on the other. Combined with the red color of the PCB, this gives the Patriot PDC1G5600ELK kit a most appealing look.

The heat-spreaders are fastened to the chips with sticky thermal tape which didn’t allow us to remove them and check the type of the employed memory chips. Judging by numerous indirect signs, however, we can say that Patriot PDC1G5600ELK modules are based on Samsung TCCD chips which have earned a good reputation among overclockers (and there just seems to be no other candidates on the market to challenge the 700MHz height).

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