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But where is the promised 700MHz? Yes, there’s nothing like that frequency in the diagram above. It seems we can’t do without setting the Command Rate at 2T and suffering the consequent performance hit.

So we next tested the Patriot PDC1G5600ELK kit at its default 3-5-5-10 timings and 2.9V voltage and with 2T Command Rate. Unfortunately, our sample of the kit didn’t work at 700MHz. The maximum frequency the system was stable at was 664MHz.

So, not only the declared default memory frequency of 700MHz is just a marketing trick since it requires a significant worsening of the timings, but we can’t also confirm that the Patriot PDC1G5600ELK can work at this frequency – its specified frequency with the specified timings – at all!

Of course, we tried to increase the voltage above 2.9V, but this didn’t improve the overclockability of the memory kit (quite typically for Samsung TCCD chips, we should say).

The last word in this “Pseudo-DDR700 from Patriot Memory” story we want to say is about the heat dissipation of the chips. We noted in our practical tests that our Patriot PDC1G5600ELK kit would become very hot at work. For example, a temperature of 59°C was reported when the modules were tested for stability by the S&M 1.7.3 utility at 664MHz frequency.

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