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X-bit labs: Since you mentioned the server memory, I cannot help asking you how big Patriot’s server business is? I am sure that most of our readers know Patriot mostly as a DDR DIMM, Compact Flash and other consumer memory maker. So it would be really interesting to get to know the other side of Patriot as well.

Paul Jones: The server business is going more to the larger server customers. It is integrated inside their boxes. We also sell server products out to the channel. There are customers that buy our servers and we sell our products to Fry’s Electronics in the United States, for instance. There are smaller SOHO type of businesses that buy our server modules for their systems, for small home or office servers. The majority of our sales are going to OEMs or server people that build systems and integrate our products inside the box. Unfortunately, we have not worked out any relationships with server people to say “Powered by Patriot”. Many of the server clientele do not want to do that, because they want to have the option to switch the memory.  Maybe it is Patriot this quarter and next quarter, it could be one of our competitors. I can not give you the percentage to describe how big our server business is, but we have been doing that for many years. Initially on the PDP side, we were building it for our partners, and they will mark their name on it and sell to the channel, to their customers. On the Patriot side, we totally mark it as Patriot. We are working with a lot of server motherboard manufacturers, and we are posted on their web-site as an approved vendor. This is something not everybody knows about Patriot. With the name Patriot coming out, we want people to know the company because we feel like we have been behind the scene for so many years. We know we build a good product, we know what we advertise and what we bring to the market is true. There is no marketing fluff in there. We know what we are doing. It is a good story that we want the public to know and we want to engage with the public.

X-bit labs: Well, I am sure we can help you with this one here :)
But back to the voltages. There is one more interesting question I am sure our readers would want to ask you. GeIL demonstrated memory modules with the built-in voltage regulator at CeBIT this year. This technology allows them to significantly increase the voltage on the module. Does PDP have any projects like that in the works?

Paul Jones: Honestly, I have not yet had a chance to look at it to evaluate it. I think if GeIL is able to achieve certain timings with this voltage regulator, they have done their due diligence, and it’s great. Great job! We have nothing like that in R&D at this time. Our core competency is to work at the chip level to bring the best value of the product, to hit certain speeds, certain latencies without the chance of frying your system.

X-bit labs: Many companies that manufacture memory solutions for hardware enthusiasts roll out something unique, some new technology every now and then to attract more hardcore users. For instance, OCZ were the first ones with the heat-spreader concept that has become so popular these days, Corsair launched their modules with functional status LEDs, and GeIL has the onboard voltage-regulator we have already discussed. Anything exciting and revolutionary that you are currently working at to attract more enthusiasts?

Paul Jones: I have to repeat again that we try to mass market the product to all consumers. Having said that, of course, we try to constantly come up with a product that we think an enthusiast will like. One of the products we came up with is our bladed technology on the heat shields. We found that heat shields with bladed technology that our engineering team came up with offer about 10% better heat dissipation than the standard heat shields. Instead of charging the consumer for this product and introducing it as a special product line, this bladed technology is on every single product for the enthusiast at no additional cost. Our concept is to bring value and mass market it to everybody and not just to a specific customer who has paid 10% higher. We want this technology to be enjoyed by everybody. It is our job to bring that technology and that type of value to every consumer free of charge.

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