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X-bit labs: Do you see the growing demand for higher capacity memory kits in the market these days? Right now 2GB kits gain the most popularity among hardcore users. How far do you think the capacity will grow during the next year, for example?

Paul Jones: Sure. I think if you look at a typical memory spend from the enthusiast down to a home user, the former will certainly tend to pay a little bit more for the memory to increase the efficiency of their system. That said, there is a certain threshold that any customer will pay. If you are looking at the next generation product, after 2GB, there will be 4GB kits. The price gap between 2GB and 4GB kits is about 6x or 7x right now. Patriot is certainly capable of producing 4GB kits. How many enthusiasts will pay a 7x price to get a 4GB kit? We will bring it to market as the market demands it.  The mass market is not demanding a 4GB kit yet. If you look at historical norms, price points in memory tend to drop by about 50% annually. Peak growth goes up 50%, prices drop 50%. At certain price point, you will see 4GB kits coming out but I don’t think it will be this year. Let me re-phrase that they are available, but Patriot has not brought that to full mass production. We just don’t introduce that to the market. The reason we don’t do that is because the price point is not attractive but with time it will be there. Look for instance at the price of 2GB kits 18 months ago, these were relatively expensive. Today, these kits are quite affordable. We all want them. I want one. But, a 4GB kit is a little over our heads.

X-bit labs: What overclocker’s memory modules are Patriot’s best sellers today? And which products would you personally recommend X-bit’s readers?

Paul Jones: Our DDR II 2GB kits are our bestsellers. They are rated above 1GHz. That is what I would recommend for your readers.

X-bit labs: Well, and this is exactly what we have in our labs right now and what is being tested within our DDR II 2GB kits roundup as we speak :)

Thank you very much, Paul, for your time. It’s been a real pleasure talking to you. We look forward to more interesting new solutions from Patriot.

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