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Patriot memory left a very good impression after this test session. Each of the tested memory modules will find its customer in the today’s market, and each overclocker will be able to find something suitable for his needs from the patriot’s assortment.

Patriot Signature Line is the solutions family for lucky overclockers who tend to save a bit of money while still doing what they like. This is the best value memory offer from the considered list, while at the same time it overclocks very well and can even please you with pretty low memory timings in the best case.

If you are not among those risky users and know exactly what you expect from your system memory, then you should pay attention to the Patriot Erased Latency and Low Latency product lines. The first one cannot work with minimal timings, like the latter, but unlike the Low Latency modules support pretty high working frequencies. If you are an overclocker, both product lines are worth your attention, because the choice in this case only depends on your system and on the overclocking techniques you apply.

I would like to single out Patriot XBL memory, as this is a universal solution combining the features of both other memory types. It should be a good choice for almost any overclocker. Of course, these modules cost more than the regular ones, but if you are getting yourself a kit like that (a pair of dual-channel approved modules), then you do not have to worry about the compatibility and this investment will undoubtedly pay back in the future.

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