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Performance in AIDA32

The second benchmark we traditionally use during the testing of removable storage media is the AIDA32 utility. A special module of this program allowed us to capture the linear reading and writing speeds, as well as the access-time measurements. Basing on the average values of these three characteristics, we composed the following graphs:

The first diagram shows the average linear write speed. The situation is actually hardly any different from what we have just seen in FC-Test. Kingston Elite Pro appears the fastest of all here. RiDATA card followed closely behind the leader. As for the remaining two testing participants, Kingston Standard Secure Digital card and Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard, they performed much slower this time, which is not too much of a surprise, I should say.

The average linear reading graph didn’t surprise us with anything unexpected from the formal standpoint. All the testing participants performed as expected. Nevertheless, there was one difference from the previous case: all three SD cards showed results really close to each other.

The very last diagram reflects the average access time for each of the memory cards. The minimal value, which is the best, belongs to Kingston Standard Secure Digital card SD/512. The other two cards from Kingston show slightly worse result here. The very last one in this test appears RiDATA solution, which has revealed significantly larger access time than the other rivals.

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