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We have already reviewed quite a few high-speed DDR2 memory kits on our site and looks like we can shape up an absolutely new tendency we are observing in this market. If the memory manufacturers used to compete mostly with the working frequencies and aggressive timing settings of their solutions, now they are trying to impress the users with the exterior designs.

This is quite logical, as there is no new component base for designing faster DDR2 SDRAM at this time: all contemporary overclocker solutions use the well-known Micron chips. As a result, different high-speed memory kits for overclockers from different manufacturers have become very similar to one another from the specification standpoint. In order to stand out in any way and attract customers’ attention the manufacturers have to come up with unique cooling system designs that serve not only as a major distinguishing feature but also as an important marketing advantage of different memory kits.

And there are a lot of examples all around us these days. Remember the original DHX heat-spreaders from Corsair or Flex XLC and Reaper memory modules from OCZ Technology. These manufacturers of memory solutions for enthusiasts try to compete with the best chip cooling designs and technologies. As for the actual technical specifications, the top solutions in the PCZ and Corsair product lineups are hardly that much different.

The heat-spreader competition forced some memory manufacturers to seek help by third-party cooler designers who could engineers an efficient cooling solution for them. This way they are showing that they really care about the thermal performance of their high-speed memory solutions in the first place. A great example here could be Team Group Inc. that launched a memory module series that comes accompanied with a cooling system from Thermalright, a well-known and respected cooling solutions manufacturer. So, today we are going to discuss this particular solution – a joint creation of Team and Thermalright – new Team Xtreem DDR2 memory.

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