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Closer Look

Both kits, Team Xtreem TXDD2048M1066HC4 and TXDD2048M1200HC5DC, look identical - only the stickers are different.

Since the modules are shipped without the preinstalled cooling system, we will start our examination with their PCB. The Team Xtreem solutions tested today are built using legendary overclocker Micron D9GKX chips and improved eight-layer PCBs.

By the way, I would like to point out the general tendency: it is hardly common practice for the high-end memory module manufacturers to put their own marking on the memory chips (moreover, some memory makers prefer to specifically mention the chips marking in the module specifications, to attract attention of real hardware connoisseurs. Nevertheless, Team couldn’t help putting their logo on the memory chips. It was done very neatly in the area free from the original Micron chip marking. I dare assume that they did it for the sake of fraud protection or something like that.

The stickers on the memory modules report the full product specification: complete product model name, capacity, supported standard, timings and default voltage.

Memory modules from Team Group Inc. that belong to the Xtreem series have a few advantageous distinguishing features that make them stand out among the competitors. One of them is certainly the unique cooling system that consists of massive heatsinks and heatpipes transferring the heat from the memory chips. The cooling system is designed and manufactured by a well-known Thermalright Company, which is clearly indicated by special marking on the heatsinks.

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