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Two Office Notebooks: ASUS M6B00N and Acer TravelMate 803 LCi
[08/31/04 | by Galina Sudareva]

We are going to take a closer look at two office notebooks: a model from ASUS and a solution from Acer. Powerful enough, with a wide functionality, nice ergonomics and elegant design, and also with a long battery run-down time, these notebooks can be used with the same success on business trips and in the office, at presentations and meetings. Read more about these machines in our detailed review!

Condor – Small Form-Factor Barebone System from FIC
[08/30/04 | by Doors4ever]

Today we would like to introduce to you a great barebone solution aka FIC Condor. The well-thought design makes it easy to assemble and exploit. The capabilities of the chipset and mainboard are very rich and allow building anything from a typewriter to a gaming station. The low noise level, compact size and elegant looks add the more appeal to this barebone. Interested? Then read more now!

MSI MEGA 865: Hi-Fi Barebone System Review
[07/08/04 | by Vasily Melnik]

Today we are going to look at the new MSI MEGA solution based on Intel 865 platform with enhanced features set and rich functionality, which will be an attractive buy for any home user. Are you looking for a nice fancy multimedia system? Then why not consider MSI MEGA 865 as a possibility?

Acer TravelMate 371TCi Compact Notebook Review
[06/28/04 | by Galina Sudareva]

Today we are going to introduce to you a new notebook from Acer, which boasts excellent design and ergonomics, as well as outstanding performance for its relatively small size and low weight. If you are looking for a nice "travel mate", then why not consider this solution first hand?

Toshiba Portege M100 Notebook: More Than Just a “Type-Writer”
[06/16/04 | by Galina Sudareva]

The market of portable computers is constantly expanding, revealing variegated models and configurations. The Portege M100 notebook from Toshiba perfectly meets the requirements of today’s notebook users. It appears to be an optimal solution for people who spend much time traveling and working on the run. Check our review now for more details!

Acer TravelMate C111Tci Tablet PC Review
[04/30/04 | by Galina Sudareva]

Today we would like to offer you our first review of the tablet PC. It is going to be a beautiful solution from Acer, combining best features of a notebook with those of a tablet. This digital assistant supports handwrite and voice input, alongside with the whole bunch of other attractive opportunities. Overall, it will suit perfectly for those people who are working on the run. Are you one of them? The n why not take a look at this device now!

Gigabyte TA2 Mini-System Review
[04/12/04 | by Tim Tscheblockov]

Today we will take a close look at Gigabyte TA2 - a system for those who are not into computer games, but use their PCs for work, learning, Web surfing and so on. In this case, the advantages of this mini-system – its small size, little noise, low power consumption and heat dissipation are exactly what you need!

ASUS S5200NE: a White Notebook Always on the Run
[03/25/04 | by Anton Shilov]

Have you ever seen a notebook that is powerful enough for everyday tasks, sports all capabilities you expect from a portable office and that is so light and stylish you are able to carry it with you all the time? Well, ASUS S5200NE seems to be this kind of notebook! But is it a practical choice for mobile computing in overall? Find it out with X-bit labs News Editor!

ASUS Terminator 2 Small Form Factor System Review
[03/01/04 | by Tim Tscheblockov]

Please meet a new small form-factor system from ASUS - ASUS Terminator 2. This stylish looking system stuffed with all the latest technologies is a flexible platform that can be transformed into any computer system: from a humble office PC to a powerful gaming machine. Find out more about this interesting solution in our article!

ABS Zensation Z3 Notebook Review
[02/25/04 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

We do not review notebooks very often, as you may have noticed. But if we do then the models really deserve taking a closer look. Today we are going to introduce a great office notebook based on Pentium M processor, which boasts excellent performance, outstanding design and long battery life.

Shuttle ST61G4 Review: SFF PC on ATI RADEON 9100 IGP Chipset
[02/24/04 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

Today we will introduce to you a new Shuttle cubic system based on an ATI chipset, which boasts the today’s fastest graphics. Besides, the new barebone system features a SerialATA RAID controller and an integrated card-reader. All in all it is going to be a very interesting solution for hardware enthusiasts.

Chaintech Enters the SFF PC Market: IMO-Desk I651U Review
[02/17/04 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

Chaintech introduced a new concept of a small home PC: a home desktop system with a notebook design. Today we are going to find out if this idea has been put into life successfully and will introduce to you the first representative of the IMO-Desk family for Pentium 4 processors designed on SiS651 chipset. Please meet the solution, which is claimed to be "the Smallest Desktop in the World"!

First Look at ABIT DiGiDice: What Does a Barebone Smell Like?
[01/26/04 | by Vasily Melnik]

We reviewed one more very interesting barebone system: DiGiDice solution from ABIT, which is remarkable not only for its outstanding functionality, promising configuration and extensive overclocking friendly features, but also for the extraordinary attraction like nice rosy odor the working system emits… Curious? Then check out the review now!

ASUS DIGIMatrix Review: Computer Systems Invade Consumer Electronics Market
[01/18/04 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

It is expected that the tendency towards Mini PC systems turning into home entertainment centers become much stronger this year. Almost all systems will be a combination of a PC, stereo system, MP3 and DVD/VCD player. And the first example is already here. Please, meet ASUS DIGIMatrix – a home PC and a multimedia center in one purely consumer case.

X-bit Labs Presents: BatteryEater Pro 2.0 – Notebook Battery Life Test
[01/13/04 | by Yury Vayukin]

We are proud to introduce to you a new test for notebook battery life developed specifically for our lab. With the help of this simple and efficient utility, you will be able not only to test the potential of your notebook battery in different working conditions, but also get a detailed configuration report, graphics representation of the results and much more!

AOpen XCcube EZ65 Mini Barebone System Review
[12/02/03 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

Today we would like to offer you a review of one more Small Form-Factor barebone system – XCcube EZ65 from AOpen. This stylish thing is none other but one more "cubic" mini-system with impressive looks and up-to-date interior alongside with some nice overclocking friendly options.

EZ Watcher 3060 Barebone System: “Center of Your Digital Universe”
[10/28/03 | by Svyatoslav Soloviev]

Wow, this is cool! Now a small form-factor PC also offers overclocking friendly options. And this has nothing to do with traditional overclocking techniques. EZ Watcher 3060 features a special wheel, which allows adjusting the CPU speed by simply rotating it! Moreover, this is just a great product overall.

Handhelds History Tour: the Palm
[10/22/03 | by Andy Yaschenko]

In this article we are going to tell you how the whole thing started. Where the Palms and other handheld devices actually came from, who were the people behind the scenes, and what exciting battles took place before the market turned into what it is today.

First Athlon 64 Barebone System Reviewed: Shuttle SN85G4
[10/17/03 | by Grigoriy Gubankov]

Today we would like to offer you our review of the first small form-factor PC for AMD Athlon 64 processors. Of course, the system belongs to Shuttle. Although their new SN85G4 barebone is pretty small, it hides the power of Athlon 64 and nForce3. Besides, you will simply love their new design. Don’t miss it!

Iwill ZPC Barebone System: Almost a Notebook
[10/15/03 | by Alexey Drozzin]

We have just reviewed one more barebone system, which major distinguishing feature is very small size: just a little bigger than a book! Well, let’s find out what this baby from Iwill is capable of. Can we install a powerful CPU and use it for really serious tasks? Read our review to find this out!