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Inside ABIT DiGiDice: drive holders have been removed.

Inside ABIT DiGiDice: drive holder chassis is installed.
There is hardly any room left.

Now let’s take a look inside the system. Of course, assembling barebone systems is not an easy task. In order to find out the right way to install all the necessary components you will have to study carefully the accompanying documentation and manuals and you will definitely need at least some experience with assembling computers of non-standard configurations. If the manufacturer has taken care of the first requirement and supplied all the manuals, then the second requirement is completely your problem. Of course, you will need some skills in operating the screwdriver.

Keeping in mind that there is very little free room inside the case, the CPU heatsink is fastened not with a traditional retention bracket but with four spring screws, which appeared much harder to screw in, than we had expected. Moreover, when you mount the processor cooler, you should make sure that you avoid too weak and too tight contact between the heatsink and the processor surface. In the first case, there will be insufficient contact between the CPU and the heatsink, which will lead to higher thermal conditions. In the second case you threaten to damage the mainboard.

The removed 3.5” and 5” chassisses.
In the 5-inch chassis you can see the PCB of the built-in card-reader.
The front sides of both bays are covered with aluminum lids,
which should be removed by unscrewing and not breaking off.

The next step is to mount 5-inch drives into the corresponding chassis. Since the case is pretty stuffed, you may find it hard to install the chassis with a full;-size drive in it. Therefore, I would recommend buying shorter drives for ABIT DiGiDice barebone system. And as for the 3.5” devices, there are no problems at all here. Although on the other hand, stylish barebone systems are usually assembled once and for all that is why I think you could be patient and cope with these hardships once for the sake of ongoing comfort.

Processor cooling system.
The heat is dissipated to two heatsinks: a standard one and an external one,
which is cooled down by an external fan blowing the air inside
through a plastic pipe.

A few words about the cooling system of ABIT DiGiDice. It is made of two components: a standard heatsink with a fan installed onto a processor socket and an external heatsink connected to the CPU one via a couple of heatpipes. The external heatsink is fastened to the back side of the barebone case and is cooled down by a special fan blowing the air through a plastic airway.

Besides that, there is one more fan inside the case, right behind the drives, which blows the air outside the system. As a result, there are three coolers altogether, which makes this system somewhat noisy, I would say. However, the produced noise is not that loud, that is why I wouldn’t call this system “noisy”.

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