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And now a few words about the accessories that come together with this barebone system. A stylish carry-bag? Yes, there is one, but I don’t think you will be surprised to see it today. Anyway, this bag deserves our special attention, because it is not just a rag-bag, but a really high-quality thing, which is perfectly fit for ABIT DiGiDice transportation and features a lot of pockets and sections for all possible and impossible needs.

The bag for transportation of ABIT DiGiDice system
makes the impression of a high-quality sports bag.
And it really is a high quality, very convenient bag.

But this is not the most exciting thing about ABIT DiGiDice. On the picture below you can also see a very funny looking tray and a blue glass bottle. Yes, this “perfume set” also comes with the system as one of the accessories.

The set including a tray and a bottle of oil adding
a unique perfume odor to ABIT DiGiDice barebone system.

The tray is fastened to the case back panel right above the second heatsink of the processor cooling system, so that it could be warmed up by the warm air coming from the fan.

The back panel of the assembled system.
To the right of the plastic air-way there is an oil tray.

Well, you have already guessed what the bottle is actually for, haven’t you? The bottle contains nice rose oil. You pour this oil into the tray and when it evaporates it fills the room with pleasant rosy odors. Hm, aroma-barebone system is actually something new in our experience…

And now let’s pass over to the second part of our review: test session and system configuration.

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