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In conclusion I would like to say that the internal architecture of ABIT DiGiDice implies its long life-cycle. You can also find here two power cables for SATA hard disk drives (since there is an ICH5-R South Bridge you can build RAID arrays of up to two HDDs). There is also a similar cable for graphics cards, which require additional power supply. During our test session we decided to check if this small barebone system could bear the heavy workload (it is officially intended for). We equipped our system with Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz CPU, external RADEON 9800 XT based graphics card, Creative Audigy sound card and a CD-RW drive. I should give credit to ABIT DiGiDice: it managed to pass all the tests under this extreme workload without any problems, even though not all desktop systems could do the same thing. Moreover, ABIT engineers didn’t forget about dedicated overclocking fans having provided their DiGiDice system with a very conveniently located jumper, which would reset all the settings in the BIOS Setup to the default ones, once the system crashed because of over-overclocking. This jumper immediately catches your eye when you open the upper cover of the system case.

3DMark 2001 SE, Total Score


UT2003 (640x480)


PCMark2002 Pro Scores


(6283 - with external graphics)


(8184 – with external graphics)


Well, the manufacturers seem to be inventing all possible and impossible sorts of things trying to convince the user that their system is the best. But I have to admit that ABIT retains the title of the most extraordinary: it is a really original decision to make the barebone system not only pleasing for the eye, but also pleasing for the nose. I bet you will also find this solution quite charming, because the rosy oil odor is definitely much nicer than the smell of the heated textolite coming from your system case.

Moreover, the new ABIT system appeared pretty successful on the whole. Small design drawbacks resulting into assembly difficulties are not that dramatic, and the advantages of the ready system easily make up for them. BIOS settings and overclocking friendly options sometimes seem even too extensive for a barebone system. But if they are there, then why not take them? :)

As a result, we get an originally looking, pretty barebone-system with rich functionality and expansion capabilities, exceeding those of many similar solutions from other manufacturers. And what if the manufacturer makes the remote control unit a little bit more ergonomic and convenient to use and equips its product with a fully-fledged LCD display? And adds the possibility to program the keys? Ah, sweet dreams… Well, in this case ABIT DiGiDice could turn out the most attractive solution of the kind!

P.S.: If you replace the rose oil with the pine-tree oil, and add something like WD 250GB Special Edition Combo Drive, then you will be able to celebrate Christmas almost every night :)

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