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Package and Accessories

The packaging of the Aspire 9303WSMi has all the specific traces of the entire Aspire line-up. The main difference is the size of the box which corresponds to the dimensions of the notebook. The manufacturer’s name is printed on the acid-green fields at the bottom of the box. The sides are decorated with the product series name and package-handling instructions. The address of the international Acer website is in the center of the box.

The accessories to the notebook are rather scanty. Besides the notebook, the box contains a 4800mAh battery, a power adapter, a modem cable, and documentation (a Just for Starters brochure, 1-year warranty, user manual, a list of authorized service centers, and a Windows XP Media Center Edition TV brochure).


There are no system recovery discs – you are supposed to create them yourself. Instead, the Aspire 9303WSMi offers Acer Empowering Technology for quick access to the most frequently used functions of the notebook. It is a panel, by default located in the top right corner of the screen (you can minimize it into a tiny window if necessary), which provides access to the following utilities:

  • Acer eDataSecurity Management protects your information with passwords and sophisticated encryption algorithms;
  • Acer eLock Management limits access to external drives and media;
  • Acer ePerformance Management improves system performance by optimizing disk and system memory usage and choosing optimal registry settings;
  • Acer eRecovery Management is a data backup and recovery utility with flexible settings;
  • Acer eSettings Management provides access to system information and settings
  • Acer ePower Management allows to increase the battery life by adjusting power options
  • Acer ePresentation Management allows to connect to a projector and adjust image parameters
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