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Acer’s Ferrari notebooks come in black boxes with an addition of the red color of the Scuderia. Instead of two isometric images of the notebook, like on the Ferrari 4005WLMi box, you can see the side radiator of the Ferrari 1005WTMi here. Unlike to Formula 1 cars, it serves to exhaust hot air from the machine’s internals rather than to take in cool air from the outside. Anyway, this is a cooling solution all the same. The manufacturer’s name is printed in bold white in the bottom right while the opposite corner is occupied by the prancing stallion, the emblem of Scuderia Ferrari. The name of the series is printed above the “radiator grid” in bright red. Box handling instructions are printed at the top of each side.

A rare thing with Acer notebooks, the box contains virtually everything you may ever want to use with your notebook. This is a special product series, after all. So, besides the notebook proper, we found the following in the box: one 3-cell 2000mAh battery and one 6-cell 5200mAh battery, a power adapter with a LED indicator and a cord brace, a modem cable (RJ-11), a Bluetooth mouse with two Duracell batteries, a Ferrari 1000 series box, an external optical drive, four leather cases with the manufacturer’s insignia to carry the notebook and its accessories, a Bluetooth VoIP Phone, a cleaning napkin in a kind of a powder-box, and a Quick Guide for the Ferrari 1000 series.



The Bluetooth mouse is noticeably different from the mice that used to come together with earlier “racing” notebooks from Acer-Ferrari. It looks more aggressive, demanding that you turn on the ignition (located on the other side of the mouse case together with the optical element and a Bluetooth activation button) and drive up to the start line. The mouse is decorated with a picture of the prancing stallion and with an Acer logo. There is also a Bluetooth activity indicator on it (the manual promises a battery charge indicator as well, but we didn’t find one). The mouse wheel bears a pressed-out name of Ferrari whose rough surface prevents your finger from slipping off. To access the batteries, you pull the back part of the mouse away from it. The battery sockets are painted red. Unfortunately, this mouse cannot be powered or recharged via a USB cord as the mice included with the 4000 and 5000 series could.

Bluetooth mouse

The laptop being small and slim, it is logical that its optical drive is external, although there exist even smaller laptops that have an integrated DVD drive. There’s a stallion emblem in the center of the drive case. An activity indicator and an eject button can be found on the front panel. The DVD drive stands on three rubber feet which suppress vibration when reading bad-quality DVD media. The cord the drive is connected to the notebook with is rather stiff, so you cannot place the two close to each other. This is an inconvenience since the small size of the notebook suggests that it should require as little space as possible.

External optical drive

The above-mentioned accessories are often included with expensive enough notebooks, but the Bluetooth VoIP Phone is a special thing. It looks like a folding cell phone with an active flip. Connected to the notebook by means of Bluetooth and included software, it greatly enhances the notebook’s functionality. The phone has a Turn-on button, sound controls, buttons to enable Bluetooth and the speakerphone feature, and Power and Bluetooth indicators. On closer inspection, this phone proves to be an ordinary PC Card with a PCMCIA connector in the butt-end. This Bluetooth headset is recharged by being plugged into an appropriate slot with this connector.

Bluetooth VoIP Phone

Besides everything else, the Ferrari 1005WTMi offers Acer Empowering Technology for quick access to the most frequently used functions of the notebook. It is a panel (you can minimize it into a tiny window if necessary) providing access to the following utilities:

  • Acer ePower Management allows to increase the battery life by creating and managing power settings profiles
  • Acer ePresentation Management allows to connect to a projector and adjust image parameters
  • Acer eDataSecurity Management (TPM-based) protects your information with passwords and sophisticated encryption algorithms using the TPM chip
  • Acer eRecovery Management is a data backup and recovery utility with flexible setup options
  • Acer eSettings Management provides access to system information and settings
  • Acer ePerformance Management improves system performance by optimizing disk and system memory usage and choosing optimal registry settings
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