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The ranks of Formula One admirers are getting more and more numerous with each passing year, this kind of racing being highly popular all around the globe. Formula One is the roar of engines and smoke from the exhaust pipes. It is about power, speed, tough men and big money – can this leave one indifferent?

It’s not a wonder Formula One is associated in many people’s minds with Scuderia Ferrari rather than with Williams or McLaren. A long-time participant of the Grand Prix races, Ferrari is the most famous and legendary team that boasts the star driver Michael Schumacher who has 7 championships under his belt. The team dates its origin back to 1929 and it first took part in a Grand Prix back in 1950. Ferrari holds 14 drivers’ championship titles and 16 constructors’ championships. The 2005 season was somewhat disappointing after the team had had a six years streak of unrivalled leadership, but Michael has assured the fans of good work made in the off-season, so all the team are looking forward to win new titles this year.

Acer has been the official IT supplier for Scuderia Ferrari since 2003 and they released their Ferrari 4005WLMi notebook for the Monaco 2005 Grand Prix. An invaluable gift to the team fans, this computer, just like Acer’s previous 3000 series Ferrari, is designed like a racing car to give you the Formula One air of competition, speed and victory. The case is painted Ferrari’s traditional mix of black and red and uses carbon fiber.

Following the tradition established by its earlier “bolides”, Acer took an “engine” from AMD, yet another partner of Scuderia Ferrari. It should be noted that Acer is among the few companies who are not hesitant about using AMD’s processors in notebooks. This time, however, the notebook is based not on a desktop Athlon 64, but on a Turion 64 processor which had been announced not long before the announcement of the notebook itself. As the name suggests, this processor supports 64-bit addressing. The graphics subsystem and chipset employed in the notebook are ATI’s solutions.

In this review we are going to see the Ferrari 4005WLMi racing side by side with the ASUS A6Q00K which is the single notebook on the AMD Turion 64 processor that we have tested in our labs up to this day.

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