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Before getting to the subject matter of this review, let's take a look at the post-WW1 Italy. The country’s economy was in ruins, including the automobile industry. As a way to promote their products, the Italian car makers, backed up by the government, organized sport teams and invested large amounts of money into racing. Winning a race - what else could be a better advertisement for a car brand?

Young and ambitious Enzo Ferrari was part of the Alfa Romeo team since 1920. Enzo didn’t score too many wins during his rather long career but one of them (Circuito di Savio 1923) helped him get acquainted with count Enrico Baracca, father of a legendary pilot and war hero Francesco Baracca. One legend says that his airplane used to have a prancing stallion on its hull. This emblem was later presented to Enzo by countess Paolina, mother of Francesco, for luck. The only problem was that Enzo didn’t have a team or a car manufacture, so the emblem, which has come to be associated with speed, roaring motors, squeaking brakes, luxury and comfort, had to wait for a few tens of years.

Stuttgart, Germany and Scuderia Ferrari emblems

This is not the whole story of the prancing stallion, though. Some sources say that Francesco took it from a German plane as a trophy as was the custom of the day. Interestingly, Baracca indeed shot down a German Albatros whose pilot came from Stuttgart. And the city's coat of arms shows a prancing horse, too (the German word “Stuttgart” means a “horse garden”). Enzo only added the Italian tricolor and a canary-yellow background (from the yellow half of the flag of his native city of Modena; Ferrari's headquarters have been located 18 kilometers away, in Maranello, ever since the company's foundation).

As you may have guessed from this lengthy preamble, this review is going to be dedicated to a new Ferrari series mobile computer from Acer. This “racing” netbook with the famous Scuderia Ferrari logo on its hood is called Ferrari One 200.

Besides the traditional Ferrari-styled exterior typical of the Acer Ferrari series mobile computers, this netbook bears the colors of Scuderia’s partner AMD.

Ferrari F10 from 2010 season

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