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Battery Life and Temperature

Battery life is just as important a parameter of a netbook as its performance. The netbook’s battery life was measured with MobileMark 2007. We disabled standby and hibernate modes for the test.

The first scenario, Productivity, emulates the user’s working in typical office applications. The load is not constant as the user is frequently distracting from his work. The second scenario measures the netbook’s battery life when the user is reading text from the screen in Adobe Reader. The third scenario is about DVD playback in InterVideo WinDVD (we used an external optical drive Optiarc AD-7633A in an Agestar IUB5SA container for the DVD playback test).

And finally we measured the temperature of the netbook’s surfaces after it had run 3DMark 2006 for half an hour. The ambient temperature was 23°C. The CPU temperature was reported by CPUID Hardware Monitor.

Just as you can expect from a Ferrari, the netbook’s “motor” is hot and noisy. It is rather too hot for a mobile computer which is expected to lie on its owner’s laps. The cooler works only at high loads, but cannot cool the netbook down to a comfortable temperature.


Acer-Ferrari takes the pole position again. The smallest of the Ferrari family wins due to the sheer lack of competition in the premium netbook sector, being superior to ordinary netbooks with its luxurious design and increased performance. Its racing Ferrari style won't leave any fan of Formula One racing indifferent. After all, this is the least expensive Ferrari-styled mobile computer so far. But apart from this special positioning, the Ferrari One 200 is not so blameless. Its high performance is the product of its high temperature and rather short (compared to the Atom platform) battery life.

Well, racing cars are not expected to be comfortable, after all. They must be fast and eye-catching in the first place – just as this netbook!


  • Eye-catching Ferrari design
  • High performance for a netbook
  • Comfortable keyboard (except for the cursor keys)
  • ATI XGP port for connecting an external graphics card
  • Conveniently placed interface ports


  • High price
  • Glossy coating of the display
  • Short battery life (compared to the Atom platform)
  • No recovery discs
  • High temperature of the case
  • No Bluetooth or WiMAX
  • Scanty accessories for a premium-class product
  • No optical drive and no HDMI connector
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