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Specification and Accessories

Barebone systems usually have the CPU cooling system, mainboard and PSU pre-assembled in the system case. That’s how the AOpen XCcube EZ65 is organized. This system is designed for Socket478 processors of the Pentium 4 and Celeron families, including the newest models. The mainboard features Intel 865 chipset. Thanks to this fact, the AOpen XCcube EZ65 supports such technologies as the 800MHz FSB, dual-channel DDR SDRAM and Hyper-Threading. This is evidently an appeal to the most demanding user.

The formal specifications of the AOpen XCcube EZ65 are listed below:

  • Aluminum case with a plastic front panel;
  • Dimensions – 300x200x185mm, total weight – 5.5kg;
  • The case has one 5.25” and one 3.5” bay opening to the outside plus one internal 3.5” bay;
  • 220W Power Supply Unit;
  • AOpen UX4SG-1394 mainboard (the i865G chipset);
  • Support of Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron Socket478 processors with a FSB frequency of 400/533/800MHz;
  • Support of Hyper-Threading technology;
  • Support of up to 2GB of dual-channel DDR400/333/266 SDRAM (two slots);
  • Integrated graphics core, Intel Extreme Graphics 2;
  • Expansion slots: one AGP 8x and one PCI;
  • Integrated six-channel AC’97 audio with an SPDIF output;
  • Support of Gigabit Ethernet;
  • Support of two ATA-100 ports and two SerialATA-150 ports;
  • Four USB 2.0 and three IEEE 1394 ports.

Thus, the AOpen XCcube EZ65 provides support for practically every modern protocol and interface for you to connect peripheral devices. The default color of the XCcube is white, but the manufacturer also ships other color versions to match the interior of your room: gray, blue, red and black. The device comes with a user’s manual, software bundle and cables (FDD, Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, and power). Moreover, you can find a copper CPU cooler inside the case. We will take a closer look at it shortly.

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