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Power Supply Unit

AOpen is making power-supply units among everything else, so the AOpen XCcube EZ65 uses a “home-made” PSU. It is called FSP220-CU(PF) and has an output power of 220W. It seems insufficient at first. Processors of the Pentium 4 family can consume up to 100W under peak workloads, and competitive systems from Shuttle that are also designed for powerful processors have long been shipping with 250W PSUs. However, the PSU of the AOpen XCcube EZ65 handled well enough a system with a Pentium 4 3.2GHz and an ATI RADEON 9700 PRO in our tests.

Besides the 20-pin (main) and 4-pin (12V) power cables, the AOpen FSP220-CU(PF) has three 4-pin 12V and one 5V connectors (Molex). The barebone package includes a power adapter for the SerialATA power connector. Thus, if you install a HDD, floppy-drive and optical drive into the AOpen XCcube EZ65, you will have one power cable free to give the additional power to the external graphics card.

One of the advantages of this PSU is that its cooling is performed by a standard 80mm fan with a reduced rotational speed. The noise from this fan is lower than that produced by fans of a smaller diameter that other manufacturers use. The solution is quite efficient; the fan is capable of cooling the PSU as well as the interior of the XCcube.

Note also that the PSU is universal as it can work with both 110V and 230V input voltages. However, you should remember that you have to switch between the input voltages manually.

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