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Apple’s transition to Intel’s processors is a major event in the computer world. Having been an isolated realm for years, the Mac world is now open for new users. My practical check has shown that modern computers from Apple are perfectly compatible not only with Mac OS X but also with Microsoft Windows, which is the familiar OS for many of us. The MacBook Pro worked normally under Windows Vista, and I guess other Apple computers with Intel processors will behave in the same way.

The MacBook Pro is just as fast in Windows Vista as classic Wintel notebooks, making allowances for the nuances of configuration. Thus, it was somewhat slower than the ASUS Lamborghini VX2S, which is based on the same platform and CPU, due to the slower HDD, but beat it in 3D games thanks to the faster graphics memory. So I am quite sure that if the MacBook Pro were compared with a Wintel notebook of the same configuration exactly, their performance would be identical.

The MacBook Pro surprised me with its battery life. It can last much longer on its battery than the ASUS notebook although has a smaller capacity of the battery.

Besides the excellent technical properties it showed in my tests, the MacBook Pro features superb ergonomic qualities and an excellent design. Having a fashionable high-tech exterior it is also light and small. All of this makes it a very appealing choice even for Windows users who don’t want to have anything to do with Mac OS X. Specially for them, the MacBook Pro allows to replace the native OS with Windows Vista. Of course, there are a few problems if you have to face if you want to make such a replacement, but every problem is solvable.

As for the price factor, the MacBook Pro is expensive just because an Apple computer can’t be cheap. But if you compare it with the ASUS Lamborghini VX2S, the price seems justifiable. The MacBook Pro is better in almost every objective and subjective parameter, including design and the status of the brand.

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