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The ASUS A3500L is based on Intel’s Montara-GML 852GM chipset and features the Intel Celeron M processor clocked at 1.4GHz frequency (Banias core, 0.13-micron technology, 512KB L2 cache and 400MHz FSB). An IC25N040A04-0 hard disk drive from Hitachi (4200rpm, 40GB) is used here.

The notebook’s integrated graphics subsystem supports dynamic video memory technology that allows for a dynamic allotment of the necessary memory amount (from 8MB to 32MB) for the needs of the graphics processor. Unfortunately, the system was prone to make a kind of slideshow out of DVD movies when working on its own battery, so you won’t be able to watch movies on trips comfortably.

The integrated audio subsystem and the built-in stereo speakers give voice to the OS and its applications, to games and multimedia programs. The voice is loud enough for DVD or CD playback.

The ASUS A3500L has two DIMM slots one of which is occupied by a 256MB PC2700 module (the maximum possible amount of memory is 1GB). The slots are both located in a special cell at the bottom of the case – you can access them by unscrewing the cover. The notebook also has a slot for a miniPCI card, but it’s not recommended to install it manually since you are likely to null your warranty after this intervention. The A3500L is equipped with an antenna for connecting to a WLAN controller if need arises.

The DVD/CD-RW drive employed in the A3500L has the following speed characteristics: 8x DVD read, 24x CD read, 24x CD rewrite, 24x CD write. A floppy drive is not included into the configuration.

It’s sad the support of wireless interfaces – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – isn’t included. They might be of some help in our wireless age.

The notebook’s cooling system isn’t loud and keeps the computer cool (except the touchpad surface). We measured the temperature of the computer as it was crunching through Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004:

  • 35°C top;
  • 41°C at the output of the cooling system;
  • 38°C bottom.

The following table contains a detailed list of the technical characteristics of the ASUS A3500L:

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