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Exterior Design and Ergonomics

We have described the exterior of the A6 series in our earlier reviews (ASUS A6Jc Notebook: New Reincarnation of the Popular Family), so let’s just check out how ASUS made the A6Rp cheaper apart from the configuration and accessories.

The notebook’s got a classic dark-silver plastic case with an ASUS logo in the near right corner of the lid. The rear part is painted black like the notebook’s body. There are two lid locks you have to fumble with, but you can be sure the notebook won’t open up accidentally.

The display is fastened to the body by means of three hinges that stick out from the case and allow unfolding the notebook by a full 180 degrees and even more.

Inside, there is a black top and a silvery bottom:

There are rubber pads around the screen bezel for a softer contact with the notebook’s body. Centered below the screen is an ASUS logo. Above the screen there is an oval window of an optional 0.35-megapixel web-camera (missing in our sample) together with a built-in microphone.

The ASUS A6Rp is equipped with a widescreen 15.4” LCD matrix that has a maximum resolution of 1280x800 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10 (WXGA). The viewing angles are acceptable for work both vertically and horizontally. The display has a glassy coating because the matrix is manufactured using ASUS’ Color Shine technology. ASUS claims that the use of a special polymer coating ensures high image quality and color saturation, resulting in a vivid and colorful image.

The notebook’s display offers 16 grades of brightness, but you can’t use the computer at the lowest grades because it’s hardly possible to discern anything in the screen then.

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