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Design and Ergonomics

Typical ASUS traits stand out in the appearance of the A8Jp model. The light-silver lid has rounded-off corners that add even more compactness to the small body of the notebook. The display hinges area at the back of the lid is marked with a black insert. The notebook’s body is black except for a narrow silvery band at its top.

The manufacturer’s logo is proudly placed in the center of the lid.

The display lock resembles the one on the ASUS F3Ja model. It is designed as a Push button in the middle of the notebook’s body. The notebook won’t open up on your touching the button accidentally thanks to the springs in the display hinges. Besides just pushing the button, you have to apply some effort to lift the lid up.

There are two stereo speakers on both sides of the Push button. They are placed as near the user as possible.

The sound volume can be adjusted by pressing Fn in combination with F10, F11 and F12. This is indicated on the screen in the following manner:

The exterior color scheme is continued inside. The keyboard and the insert between the hinges are the only black objects in this ocean of silver. An ASUS logo is centered at the bottom of the black screen bezel. There are rubber pads scattered on that bezel for softer contact between the lid and the notebook’s body.

In the top part of the bezel there is a built-in 0.35-megapixel web-camera for making ordinary photographs and for video conferencing.

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