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Well, we have just told you about a very interesting barebone system aka ASUS DIGIMatrix. Even though it is a PC, it is intended to replace the usual DVD-players and music centers in our apartments. ASUS DIGIMatrix will not become a gaming platform, but it has every chance to become a great toy for grown-ups as an excellent digital home multimedia center. Featuring built-in TV and FM tuners, supporting wide networking capabilities, and equipped with a DVD-ROM drive and a remote control unit, ASUS DIGIMatrix can easily win a place next to your TV-set in the living-room. This way, ASUS DIGIMatrix is not an office system, but a home entertainment solution. This is exactly how you should look at it.

However, even if we regard it as such, there are a few puzzling things about it still. We hardly have any complaints about the exterior and features of this system. However, since ASUS positions this system as a multimedia center, then it automatically implies that the main target group for DIGIMatrix includes people without or with very little computer experience. Therefore, it would be more logical to sell DIGIMatrix fully assembled. So far, it is supplied as a barebone system and hence requires additional purchases and installation of the missing components, namely memory, CPU, HDD and operation system. This will definitely scare away some potential customers. I believe that ASUS DIGIMatrix should be sold the same way as all notebooks: power it on and work.

The Home Theatre software supplied with the system is also not quite OK. Even though the system is not preassembled, Home Theatre utility is functionally limited and doesn’t do many useful things. For example, it doesn’t allow working with folders on the hard drive and doesn’t support the widely spread DivX format. In fact, all these problems can easily be solved, since ASUS DIGIMatrix is a computer as well, but in this case computer experience is necessary again.

As a result, even though ASUS did its best to design something close to a home appliance, it can still be demanded only among PC users. At the same time, I don’t think that any advanced computer geeks will care at all for DIGIMatrix, because it doesn’t boast any impressive PC specifications.

However, all our criticism about ASUS DIGIMatrix has nothing fatal about it. ASUS is quite capable of modifying the specification a little bit and improving the software within a short time. Therefore, we will definitely look forward to the day when all the above mentioned drawbacks are eliminated. After that we will have every chance to call ASUS DIGIMatrix an excellent purchase as a gift for those who are not very experienced in computer technologies, for instance.

Summing up, I would only like to say that the arrival of a mini-system like ASUS DIGIMatrix signals about a new era of home computer systems serving as digital multimedia centers. You shouldn’t see visions to forecast that other manufacturers will very soon follow in ASUS’ footsteps with their systems like DIGIMatrix.

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