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If you open the decorative cover you will see the evidence proving you are looking at a PC. There are a lot of interesting things under this cover. Firstly, there is an optical slim optical drive, which can be a DVD-ROM, a DVD-ROM/CD-RW or DVD-R/RW, depending on the supply. Secondly, you will see the slits of the card-reader, which can work with flash cards of almost any format. Next to the control buttons there is an IR-port ensuring that the remote control unit included with the system will work fine. Besides, the front panel also carries 4 USB 2.0 ports and 2 IEEE1394 ports (one 6-pin port and one 4-pin port). Here you will also find an optical SPDIF out and two audio jacks: for the headphones and the microphone.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that ASUS DIGIMatrix doesn’t have a very common thing for all computer systems: a floppy drive. Anyway, card-reader is a worthy replacement for the floppy drive, especially since DIGIMatrix knows to use USB devices for boot-up and update the system BIOS from the Internet. However, there also were a few curious amusing incidents. When we tried to update the BIOS with the help of ASUS EZ Flash utility embedded into the mainboard Flash-memory, DIGIMatrix tried accessing floppy drive A:, which is certainly not among the system components.

The back panel of DIGIMatrix system is also pretty heavily loaded with different output ports and connectors. You can find a connector for the radio antenna, three audio jacks, a connector for TV-cable/antenna, video-In, two RJ45 network connectors, PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard, an ATA/133 connector for the additional disk subsystem, a PSU connector, a connector for the additional disk subsystem power supply, and the ports for VGA or DVI monitors and HDTV (TV-Out). I would also like to say that despite the presence of all three Video-Outs, you can simultaneously use only two of them. You can switch between a TV-Out and a DVI Out in the BIOS Setup.

This way, DIGIMatrix boasts the complete set of connectors, which you can only think of in relation to this system as a consumer audio/video player. If you consider DIGIMatrix as a computer, you will probably wish they have also offered serial and parallel ports. At the same time, however, I do not think that these ports are a necessary thing for the computer systems of the kind, since all the modern peripherals can be connected via the USB or FireWire protocols.

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