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ASUS DIGIMatrix Inside: Components

ASUS DIGIMatrix is based on ASUS P4SQ mainboard. ASUS developed this mainboard specifically for DIGIMatrix systems that is why you will never see it in retail stores. This board looks very extravagantly:

As we see, it has a processor socket and two DIMM slots onboard. Besides that, there are only two MiniPCI slots. Actually, this design peculiarity prevent you from upgrading your system easily, especially, since both slots are already occupied in a standard DIGIMatrix supply: there is a TV-tuner installed into the upper slot, and a WiFi module installed into the slot at the bottom of the board.

For the TV-tuner ASUS uses Life View FlyTV Platinum mini card from the third-party manufacturer. This tuner is based on the SAA7135 chip and uses Philips’ analogue circuit. As for the WiFi module, it is ASUS’ own home product. The MiniPCI WiFi card supports 802.11b protocol and up to 11mbit/sec data transfer rate. The software supplied together with this WiFi card allows using DIGIMatrix in Infrastructure and Ad-hoc modes, as well as making it a software access point supporting up to 31 clients. In other words, this card offers just the same features as those, which go together with ASUS retail mainboards.

The third external device installed in ASUS DIGIMatrix is a separate FM-tuner. It is hard to say, why ASUS didn’t involve the already existing TV-tuner for radio channels reception, but the fact is undeniable.

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