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First of all, I have to say that high performance is not the number one priority thing for systems like ASUS DIGIMatrix. The major purpose of a mini-system like that is to be a digital home entertainment center. Besides CD/DVD playback, listening to the radio or watching TV, other typical tasks for a system of the kind include: mp3 and mpeg4 music and movies playback. Besides that, this system should be OK for work in office applications, Internet surfing and the like. Of course, all these tasks do not require a high-performance system at all. However, if you are looking for a gaming system, then ASUS DIGIMatrix is very unlikely to be a good choice. SiS315 integrated graphics is still far not the best 3D graphics accelerator today.

This is exactly the reason why we decided not to compare the performance of ASUS DIGIMatrix with that of other mini-systems. We will simply show you the results of some benchmarks. As far as the specific tasks intended for DIGIMatrix as a home multimedia system are concerned, this system copes with them very well.

ASUS DIGIMatrix was tested with Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz CPU, 512MB of DDR333 SDRAM and Western Digital WD400JB hard disk drive. The graphics core received 64MB of the system RAM for its specific needs.

PCMark04, PCMarks


PCMark04, CPU


PCMark04, Memory


PCMark04, Graphics


3DMark2001 SE, Default


Business Winstone 2004


Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004


Quake3, four, 1024x768x32, fps


Unreal Tournament 2003, dm-antalus, 1024x768x32, fps


Serious Sam 2, Grand Cathedral, 640x480x32, fps


Everything is clear without any additional comments, I suppose. It is almost impossible to play any of the upcoming as well as some current-generation games on ASUS DIGIMatrix system. As for the benchmarks, which do not use 3D graphics at all, the performance of the mini-system from ASUS can be considered acceptable.

ASUS DIGIMatrix As a Digital Multimedia Center

Now that we have already tested DIGIMatrix as a PC, it’s high time took a look at this system as at a digital multimedia center. Especially, since it is the major purpose of systems like ASUS DIGIMatrix.

There is a special program intended to help the users take advantage of the multimedia features of our today’s system. They ship this ASUS Home Theatre program, which works from Windows, together with the DIGIMatrix barebone solution. The interface of this utility is very simple and logical and should make life a lot easier for those DIGIMatrix users who are not very familiar with computer equipment. So, let’s check out what this software tool actually offers us:

When we launch Home Theatre there appears a menu on the screen offering you to set the work mode for the system: Watching TV, listening to the radio, listening to music, viewing picture slideshows, watching videos or DVDs.

Let’s take a closer look at these modes:

  • TV: This mode allows taking full advantage of the built-in TV-tuner. Besides watching TV programs, Home Theatre also supports pictures and video capturing, timeshifting (when you can pause the TV-programs you are watching). You can also record and save onto the HDD all programs you like by setting a recording schedule.

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