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Real Applications

Next we tested the notebooks in a few real-life applications.

The two Merom-core processors are equals at encoding video with the DivX 6.7 codec when powered by the mains. When the notebooks are working on their batteries, the CPU clock rates differ by 0.2GHz, which helps the F9E win the test.

Encoding mp3 files takes about the same time when the notebooks are powered by the mains. When we switch to the batteries, the T5550 processor is faster although less economical.

The Photoshop CS2 test (processing five 5-megapixel photos) agrees with the other tests concerning the relative performance of the two notebooks.

The F9E is faster in Microsoft Excel thanks to its higher CPU clock rate in the battery mode. Its Momentus ST9160821AS is also somewhat faster than the other notebook’s hard disk, contributing to the overall result.

Archiving a folder shows the same correlation between the notebooks’ performance.

In the next test a script is used that prepares a video clip for uploading to YouTube. The clip was made out of four video fragments captured from a digital camera. Oddly enough, the F9E behaves similarly to the Satellite U300-111, being faster when powered by the mains and slower in the battery mode. This doesn’t look like a measurement error.

The final rendering test depends on the notebooks’ CPU performance.

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