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Package and Accessories

Designed in lush and gaudy colors, the package of the ASUS G2Pb is up to the product’s market positioning. The box shows a picture of the notebook and a large logotype of the gaming series framed within touchpad buttons just like on the actual notebook. The background is a diagonal gradient from black to a light gray. The captions “ASUS Gaming Series” and “Let’s game” leave no doubt about the main purpose of the product. The manufacturer’s name is printed in the top left of each box side; each side also shows the series name. The packaging follows ASUS’ traditional box-in-a-box concept. This colorful box lies in a larger cardboard box together with a knapsack. The knapsack is colored to match the color scheme of the series. A classic leather or fabric briefcase wouldn’t go quite well with the image of a disheveled red-eyed gamer and a gaming notebook.

The accessories to the ASUS G2Pb aren’t just rich. They are luxurious. The manufacturer seems to have packed virtually everything you may ever want to use your G2 with maximum comfort. Besides the mentioned knapsack and the notebook proper, the box contains: a 4800mAh battery, a power adapter with a LED indicator, a modem cable (RJ-11), an audio/video adapter (AV/S-Video), documentation (“Quick Installation Guide – G2 let’s game” brochure, a 2-year warranty, a list of authorized service centers worldwide, and a user manual), a gaming USB mouse with a PS/2 adapter, a TV cable, an antenna for digital TV/radio, an coaxial connector adapter, a remote control with two 1.5V AA batteries from Philips, an infrared receiver from Microsoft that is connected via USB, an “Express Windows Vista Upgrade” booklet, an ASUS cable brace, a napkin to clean the LCD panel, and a set of CDs that includes:





  • Three system recovery discs with a guide to installing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • Support CD version 2.0 (No.1885)
  • Nero version
  • Medi@Show SE 2.0
  • PowerDirector DE version 3.0.1208
  • ASUS DVD version 6.0

The mouse is a version of the Logitech MX518, modified and stylized to match the overall G series design: a plastic coating with the characteristic pattern, a series logo, and the name of the Taiwanese brand. Besides the two buttons and wheel, the mouse is equipped with five additional buttons with the following functions:

  • Sensitivity Up and Down
  • Switching between open applications
  • Move Forward and Move Backward

The rodent offers three sensitivity levels: 1600dpi, 800dpi and 400dpi. The sensitivity of 800dpi is selected by default. The accompanying SetPoint software and the games-oriented Advanced Game Settings feature provide precise control over the mouse’s sensitivity, extending its range to five grades.

The notebook comes with an infrared receiver from Microsoft, although there is already a Consumer Infrared port on the notebook’s body. Why do you need the external receiver you have to connect to a USB 2.0 port? Because you need certified equipment, like this receiver, to use Microsoft’s remote control and TV-tuner with appropriate software. The integrated infrared port only supports the ASUS Mobile Theater software and does not fully utilize the capabilities of Windows XP Media Center Edition.

This OS allows playing movies and viewing images stored on the hard disk or optical media. It offers you TV channels, musical files and radio programs. Besides, you are offered a variety of setup options.

You can set up radio stations by searching for them and saving the found ones into the favorites list.

Working with a community antenna or with the one included into the box, the integrated TV-tuner allows watching all the TV channels you have in your area. The picture quality is acceptable. Here are examples of TV programs as viewed on the tested notebook:



The remote control makes it easier to navigate the universal control program, browsing for files, channels and musical compositions from your favorite easy-chair.

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