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Gamers are the most demanding class of computer users. Not every PC can satisfy a hardcore gamer while notebooks were long considered by them as totally unsuitable for normal gaming. Yes, notebooks have lots of limitations due to the limited size of the case. It is just impossible to pack a top-performance configuration into such a small volume. However, notebook makers have been progressing in this field, too. About two years ago ASUS created two gaming notebooks G1 and G2 that were based on revised chassis from two other models. The G1 and G2 were not exactly perfect. They could only satisfy casual gamers because modern recourse-consuming 3D games didn’t run fast on them despite the use of the latest generation of mobile graphics cards available then.

This year the Taiwanese company tried to push the bar higher. At CES 2008 two new notebooks were introduced in the gaming series: a 15-inch G50 and a 17-inch G70. The G50 is simpler while the G70 represents the most interesting in the series – you will see what in this review.

The developer calls the notebook’s architecture Multi Dual Engine meaning that some of its hardware components come in twos.

We have all got used to dual-core processors in the last years but the parallel operation of two discrete graphics cores joined together by means of SLI technology is a rare thing for portable computers. The G70S also has two 320GB hard drives, two 2GB memory modules, two display backlight lamps and even two displays proper (a main display and a small auxiliary screen). According to the manufacturer, even the cooling system uses a dual design.

When turned on, the notebook looks not unlike a Christmas tree. It has a lot of highlighting LEDs shining and blinking as you have configured them or according to the operation of specific components, for example the speed of the fans or the CPU load.

Let’s now check out everything about the notebook more closely.

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