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Package and Accessories

ASUS’s gaming series has always featured superb packaging, and the G70S is no exception. Its box is glossy and colorful, showing a picture of the shining notebook. Below the name of the series there is a slogan that reads: Double Barrelled Rig for Ultimate Gameplay. The series-specific logotype “Republic of Gamers” can be seen on the sides of the box.

Besides gaming, the G70S can do a lot of other things. Its box contains a remote control and an infrared receiver as well as an antenna for the integrated TV-tuner. We also found an 5200mAh 8-cell battery, a Delta Electronics power adapter, a modem cable (RJ-11), a TV cable, documentation, a wired mouse Razer Copperhead, a napkin to clean the LCD panel, an exclusive rucksack for carrying the notebook with you (the same as included with the G2), a cable strap, an AV/S-Video adapter, an adapter for coaxial cable, and a set of discs. The discs include:

  • Recovery DVD version 1.5
  • Driver & Utility 1.0 for G70 series
  • WinDVD BD HD 2CH Ver.1.0
  • Power2Go 5.5
  • Ahead Nero 8 Essentials




The mouse is the most exciting accessory here. ASUS notebooks usually come with mouse devices from Logitech, but this one is the famous Razer Copperhead slightly updated to match the notebook’s style. Razer’s logo is replaced by the gaming series logo, and the name of ASUS is added below. The sides and the scrolling wheel are highlighted and the logo is blinking. The mouse features a stylish and ergonomic design of the case and offers seven programmable hyperresponse buttons. Its zero-acoustic ultra-slick Teflon feet ensure silent, soft and jerkless gliding on any surface.

Razer Copperhead gaming mouse

The mouse boasts a high resolution of 2000dpi and an impressive response time of 1 millisecond. Its scanning speed of 7000 times per second ensures highly sensitive response.

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