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ASUS and Lamborghini have got something competitive to pit against the Acer-Ferrari team that has been working for several years in the field of “racing” notebooks. We guess Ferruccio Lamborghini would be glad to see a Lamborghini – even though it is a notebook, not a car – provide such tough competition and even surpass rivaling products with the Scuderia Ferrari brand.

The combined effort of designers and engineers of the PC hardware giant ASUS and the famous sports car brand Automobili Lamborghini has resulted in a truly racing notebook. Featuring an eye-catching and aggressive exterior, the ASUS Lamborghini VX1 proves to be a well-balanced premium-class machine with an advanced configuration that is capable of delivering highest performance. What’s especially nice in this notebook is that it is one of the longest-lasting machines (we mean the time it can work on the battery) in its class. Its price is perhaps its only downside, but have you ever seen a cheap Lamborghini?

Winding up this review, we want to add that a new version of the ASUS Lamborghini, based on the updated dual-core Napa platform, has already become available. Its CPU is based on the Merom core rather than on the Yonah as in the notebook we’ve tested today. So, we are now waiting for the same move from Acer-Ferrari that have already showcased and announced their new red-colored machine, which hasn’t yet left the boxes, though. It means the struggle between Automobili Lamborghini and Scuderia Ferrari has only begun and we’re up to an exciting race of notebooks with their brands on board.


  • Eye-catching exterior of a “racing” notebook
  • Good performance in all applications
  • A number of wireless interfaces and a Lamborghini-style Bluetooth mouse
  • Rich accessories
  • ASUS’ exclusive technologies for better image quality
  • Long battery life


  • Mirror-like reflections on the display
  • Easily soiled lid
  • It’s hard to see the system indicators when the lid is open
  • High price (but it’s a Lamborghini!)
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