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Design and Ergonomics

So, here is the hero of this review, the yellow-hooded portable auto. As a matter of fact, the ASUS Lamborghini is shipped in two color schemes: a yellow scheme like in this sample and a jet-black variant which is just as glossy and bright as the yellow one. Both color solutions are truly superb, so the potential customer has to face a difficult choice between them. The straight-lined geometry coupled with the color makes one recollect the car prototype. The lid is getting higher on the margins towards the rear, making up a kind of an air inlet. You can see system indicators in the middle of this inlet when the lid is closed.

The Automobili Lamborghini logotype is centered on the lid closer to the jutting piece that serves to lift the lid up. The name of the notebook’s manufacturer is modestly placed on the edge of the “air inlet” or “pseudo-spoiler”, whatever you want to call it.

Here are the indicators you can see on the lid (from left to right):

  • Power (alight when the notebook is turned on and blinking when in standby mode; this indicator doesn’t shine at all when the notebook is turned off or in sleep mode)
  • Battery charge indictor (alight when the battery is being recharged; doesn’t shine when the battery is charged or fully discharged)
  • Bluetooth indicator (alight when the Bluetooth interface is active)
  • Wireless indicator (blinking when the integrated WLAN adapter is sending out or receiving data packets)

The display lacks a lock. There is a small jut on the edge of the lid so that you could easily lift it up. The color scheme changes from yellow to black inside, which is good. If there were the same bright yellow here, it would be very distracting at work. The internal design of the notebook bears a strong resemblance to the ASUS V6J, so we suppose they have the same chassis. They are both the same size, except for thickness (due to the added “air inlet”). The ASUS logo is centered on the screen bezel which is equipped with rubber pads for softer contact with the notebook’s bottom part. Under the bottom of the screen and between its hinges, there is a battery that is exactly the same thickness as the notebook’s body. Near this battery is a second group of indicators along with a Power button and instant-launch keys that are placed closer to the keyboard and make up a small black edging.

The name of the brand is the only mention of Lamborghini here:

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